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Tips from Philomena Fitzpatrick on How to choose the right wedding veil for you

Choosing a wedding veil that’s right for you can be difficult.  With years of experience working with top designers such as Vera Wang, John Rocca, Amanda Wakeley and David Fielding among others, Philomena Fitzpatrick knows which veil will suit any bride.  Philomena says ‘just like certain hats and makeup suits your face shape, the same is true of your wedding veil’.   If you have a round face, you should steer clear of the very puffy, layered veils. "If you have a very round, full face, you should have a veil that has some lift, but not too much. A two-layer, standard fullness veil works best in this case."  “An oval face suits long veils that are simple and elegant with less embroidery and waves”.  She continues “a rectangular shape face suits a ‘waterfall’ type veil as gives a softer rounder shape to your face.    A heart-shaped face bride should go for a 'ballet veil' that goes all the way to your knees with a curved train.  

use our faceshape guide to figure out which wedding veil is the one for you

“This adds some width to your chin area leading to a more glamorous look”.  A square shaped face needs a more simplified look so a long tulle veil will work best here. If your face has soft curves and is widest at the eye, temple and cheek area, but narrow at the chin, you have a heart-shaped face. "You can add a little width to your jawline with a back piece, like a flyaway, waltz or ballet veil, where the fullness of the piece will actually work its magic from behind your neckline, without adding unnecessary volume on top."  A simple chignon hairstyle with this will look stunning.  Try using the image above to identify your face shape.  Our bridal wedding veils are carefully designed to enhance a brides beauty, style and personality. They are all made from the finest soft tulle in a full range of colours. Designed using delicate French tulle and exquisitely finished using genuine Swarovski crystal. These bridal wedding veils are handmade in Wexford, Ireland and designed to a very high finish.  Philomena wants your day to be perfect so we can send a swatch to you to  help you match the veil to your wedding dress if you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   The swatch will also allow you to see the fabulous quality of our handmade wedding veils.  

Meghan Markles wedding veil and train 

A veil highlights a bride's appearance when walking down the aisle and enhances the wedding dress by complementing the beading or embroidery on the gown.  Philomena believes that high quality designer veils should be available to all.  “Our veils are high quality and design but I want every bride to feel beautiful on their wedding day without breaking the bank so that’s why the are available at such a good price here.”  She goes on “the styles here on our website are some of the most popular designs we have done for some of the biggest society weddings over the past few years.”    

a photo of wedding veil designer Philomena Fitzpatrick 

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