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The history of the wedding veil

Published: Monday, 25 November 2019 10:41


Heritage and history is very important to us at Fitzpatricks Veils of Ireland.  You may wonder what is the history of the wedding veil or how did it come into being?  Whilst we look at it as a beautiful accessory that turns a wedding dress into a work of art, the story of the wedding veil is thousands of years old.  Veiling has a long history in European, Asian, and African societies. There are records of wedding veils as far back as the Persian empire. There are even records of elite women in the ancient Mesopotamia, Greek and Persian empires wearing the veil as a sign of respectability and high status. It was a marker of aristocratic rank.  Many top designers, such as Alexander McQueen,

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How to choose the right wedding veil for you

Published: Wednesday, 06 November 2019 13:31

Tips from Philomena Fitzpatrick on How to choose the right wedding veil for you

Choosing a wedding veil that’s right for you can be difficult.  With years of experience working with top designers such as Vera Wang, John Rocca, Amanda Wakeley and David Fielding among others, Philomena Fitzpatrick knows which veil will suit any bride.  Philomena says ‘just like certain hats and makeup suits your face shape, the same is true of your wedding veil’.   If you have a round face, you should steer clear of the very puffy, layered veils. "If you have a very round, full face, you should have a veil that has some lift, but not too much. A two-layer, standard fullness veil works best in this case."  “An oval face suits long veils that are simple and elegant with less embroidery and waves”.  She continues “a rectangular shape face suits a ‘waterfall’ type veil as gives a softer rounder shape to your face.    A heart-shaped face bride should go for a 'ballet veil' that goes all the way to your knees with a curved train.  

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What to consider when choosing a wedding veil

Published: Wednesday, 06 November 2019 11:47

elbow length designer wedding veil made by Philomena Fitzpatrick


Choosing a wedding veil is one of the most important decisions of your life as it will have an impact on your dress, how you feel on the day and how you look in the video and photos afterwards.  That magic moment when you add the veil to the dress is what turns the girl into a bride.  From working with designers such as John Rocca and Vera Wang, Philomena knows that the veil frames the whole dress.  Over 65% of brides choose to wear a veil and with the huge success of the Downton Abbey film in cinemas this Autumn, veils are back with a bang.



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