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  • Celebrity Brides and their Veils

    Here at Fitzpatrick’s Veils of Ireland, we want you to know that by putting your trust in us, you’re putting your trust in the hands of professionals. Not only have we helped countless brides look their best with our gorgeous, custom-tailored veils; we’ve even helped the stars shine brightest on the day of their weddings. Here are a few of the Celebrity Brides we’ve made wedding outfits for in the past, so that you know that by buying from Fitzpatrick’s, you’re buying from the artisans behind some of the country’s most famous weddings.

  • The History of Lace


    Here at Fitzpatricks Veils of Ireland, we are enthralled with the history of lace. Having been working with lace for over 40 years creating

    handmade wedding veils and dresses, we know a thing or two about lace! Although there is no exact date that can be attributed to the ‘invention’ of lace, most historians agree that we associate its beginnings with the early sixteenth century. Early references to ‘lace’ in English texts almost certainly refer to ‘ties’, as this was the primary meaning of the word lace until well into the seventeenth century.

  • The history of the wedding veil


    Heritage and history is very important to us at Fitzpatricks Veils of Ireland.  You may wonder what is the history of the wedding veil or how did it come into being?  Whilst we look at it as a beautiful accessory that turns a wedding dress into a work of art, the story of the wedding veil is thousands of years old.  Veiling has a long history in European, Asian, and African societies. There are records of wedding veils as far back as the Persian empire. There are even records of elite women in the ancient Mesopotamia, Greek and Persian empires wearing the veil as a sign of respectability and high status. It was a marker of aristocratic rank.  Many top designers, such as Alexander McQueen,

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"I am Mom of the bride and cannot thank Fitzpatrick's enough for the customer service, quick responses, and most of all the most beautiful veil we could have even dreamed of. We are here in the US ...

Kim Earls

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